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Welcome to Prime Credit Time! Don’t let bad credit scores impact your life; Prime Credit Time can help you rebuild your credit score and set yourself up financially! Take control of your life and start living the life that you always dreamed of with the help of the professionals at Prime Credit Time!  

 Prime Credit Time can help you raise your credit score for the following items:

  • Purchasing your first home
  • Refinancing your home loan

  • Purchasing a new car or leasing a new car & much more!

When you come to Prime Credit Time you are getting over 15 years of experience, that’s 15 years of financing and credit repair expertise.

If you have bad credit history, then our professional team can work with you to remove certain items and help get that credit score back up to where it needs to be. Some of the things that we can help you have removed from your credit history are:

  •  Judgments
  • Foreclosures

  • Collections

  • Repossessions

  • Late Payments

  • Charge Offs

  • Bankruptcies

  • Tax Debts

  • Student Loans

  • Liens & Much More!

Improve Your Credit and Raise Your Credit Score! 

A great credit report is essential to getting the most out of life.

Getting your credit repaired and employing someone to manage your report credit management are 100% legal and is your entitlement under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and many other Federal Consumer Laws. Just because you made a bad financial decision or your credit was impacted because of events out of your control, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer bad credit for the rest of your life.

Knowing that you can fix your credit report and understanding how to navigate the complicated processes involved are two entirely different problems. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it! Our experts can do all of the hard work for you; we offer all of our clients a user-friendly and easy to navigate dashboard where you can monitor your credit reports 24/7. Through this interactive dashboard, you can see our experts actually working on your credit at all times!

If you see us working on your credit report and have any information you think we could use or have any questions, then you can contact a representative via email or message 24/7!

To find out how we can help you then you can contact us via our Contact Us Page or call us at 1-800-371-7090 for a 100% FREE no-obligation quote anytime!

No one can match our knowledge and experience to guide you through improving your credit profile and increasing your credit scores. Get started today!


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